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FreePBX is essentially a web-based GUI  which allows the end user to write configuartion changes to text files which in turn control the way Asterisk operates, an opensource PBX system which runs on Linux.

Asterisk is very powerful and there have been a many advancements througout its lifetime but a lot of customers simply do not like the way in which the config files and dial plans have to be edited by hand.

There are a few different GUIs available for Asterisk, some better than others, however they all perform the same function, to manage the Asterisk configuration.

With FreePBX, it is heavily supported, has a good community of customers who help each other and is easy to use.  FreePBX is an all in one PBX solution for home to large businesses, its has many configuration options and best of all, you can have a PBX up and running with 1 hour.

FreePBX features include:-

  • Add new extensions with voicemail with ease
  • Native support of SIP, IAX, and ZAP clients
  • Add any Asterisk supported trunk technologies
  • Route calls based on cost using LCR
  • Route incoming calls based on time-of-day feature
  • Setup interactive Digital Receptionist (IVR)
  • Create call groups
  • Create caller queues
  • Setup Music on Hold for callers
  • Phone directory search based on first or last name
  • Ability to receive incoming faxes
  • Backup and Restore the PBX system
  • Call recording
  • View call reports with asterisk-stat
  • Monitor extension and trunk status with Flash Operator Panel
  • Review conversation recordings with Asterisk Recording Interface (ARI)

cloudsentric offers FreePBX hosting to its customers as the main PBX solution that fits all.